Tour the best landscapes of Urdaibai on horseback

Discover one of the best activities to enjoy Urdaibai

The incredible landscapes of the Biosphere of Urdaibai can be admired by car, walking, on motorbike or bicycle but … Is there a more special way to travel this paradise of the Basque Coast?

Well, yes there is. You can discover Urdaibai on horseback, as John Wayne. And now you’re thinking, but if I’ve ever ridden on horseback! NOTHING HAPPENS!

Joseba Muñiz of Elantxobeko Zaldixek (horses of Elantxobe) has horses for all types of riders. For example, I had no idea of riding but with “Santxo” I had no problem. We made two routes, the first one to Ogoño (the last part must be done walking), one of the best views of all Urdaibai.



The next route was to the viewpoint of Lagaburu where you can see the impressive rocky wall of Ogoño, where we had just been. Both routes can also be done on foot and are very, very recommendable.

How to get to Ogoño and Lagaburu>

The man who whispered to the horses

Joseba lives in a privileged place in Urdaibai, on the top of Elantxobe, so it is very easy to carry out these two routes because of its proximity. If you follow him on facebook you will be able to see the sunrises he photographed and shared with all of us besides the photos of the horseback riding routes.



From the first moment, he transmits the passion he feels for these animals. He also told us about the healing power horses have for anxiety, autism, depression and attention deficit, even for eating disorders and other emotional and mental illnesses. Joseba has seen cases of autistic children who create a bond and a very special relationship with the horses that helps them with their illness.


Elantxobeko Zaldixek is not only for beginners, it offers routes and excursions for all levels and different duration.



From Gernika take the local road BI-638 Gernika- Lekeitio, then the BI-3237 to Ibarrangelu. After passing through the center of Ibarrrangelu, head towards Elantxobe and take the detour to the Ibinaga neighborhood. From there you will arrive at the Elantxobe cemetery where you will see signs to reach Elantxobeko Zaldixek

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