A great plan for the third weekend of May would be to approach the beautiful and lively fishing village of Bermeo. Each year, since 1994 is held the Arrain Azoka (Fish market), from Friday to Sunday.

The different canners and companies related to the fishing sector (Arroyabe, Etxeko makailoa, Cusumano, Urdaibai, Echebastar, Ahumados ANGEL, Camus, Percebes, Royo, Serrats, Albacora, Salica, Keia, Toja, Zallo, Isabel …) sell ​​their products in the stands that are placed in La Lamera (downtown park)


Activities for everybody

During the Arrain Azoka (Fish fair) and in different areas of Bermeo you can enjoy the most varied activities:

  1. Talako gunea: Guided visit from where you can see great views. In addition, there will be a navigation simulator from the nautical school. And tasting of local products offered by the innkeepers of the area.
  2. Nestor Basterretxea room (Aretoa): exhibition of photos and videos of the boat ORTUBE, the last built in wood on the Cantabrian Coast
  3. Old fish cofradia: from this same point you can access a simulation of fish sales.
  4. Solidarity Tent: tuna and marmitako will be offered for solidarity purposes
  5. Exhibition at the whaler Aita Guria and visits to the ship Mater
  6. Factory Guided Tours
  7. Log zone for children in which there will also be a sample of Japanese food prepared by Echebastar

There will also be a “pintxo” competition in which different bars of Bermeo will take part and Habaneras show on Saturday at 20.00. As you can see very varied activities and a complete program.

And for those who want more, you can book an excursion offered by the Hegaluze Boat (prices vary depending on the excursions and the duration)

So what started 23 years ago as a novel experience to make the fishing sector known to the whole region and the rest of the province, has become a party in which the whole town participates, especially on Saturday, as in the most important parties of the locality, they all come dressed in arrantzale (dark blue shirt, and trousers or skirt).


Where to eat in Bermeo

We recommend these places to eat in Arrain azoka:


You will find it easily, right in the middle of the Lamera park, in the center.



If you want to go to a quieter place with a privileged view, on the top of Sollube Mount.


Another place where you eat and serve you great, besides being cozy, is the Almiketxu Resturant in Almike (a neighborhood of Bermeo). It is recommended to book in advance because the restaurants use to be completely full.

For those who do not want to miss any of the party, you can make a kitkat by eating a bokata or a combo dish in the Izaro or in the Zubigane Bar and if you don’t want to stop, it’s known, that Bermeo’s poteo is endless, starting at Lamera and the port and following in the streets above, Intxausti and Nardiz tar Jon exactly.


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