Now that the summer is approaching and it seems that the good weather will accompany us, we feel like approaching our beaches. And, in URDAIBAI, we have all kinds, cozy coves, romantic, alternatives, beaches to go with family, with friends…

We propose a few, so that you can choose the one that fits you in every moment:




Cozy and quite hidden cove in the town of Bermeo, well known among its neighbors but not for outsiders. That is why we have included it among our 5 secret places of Urdaibai. The offer is completed with a very lively txiringito.





Beautiful cove of scarce dark sand that forms at low tide. Although it is on the outskirts, between Mundaka and Bermeo, it belongs to Mundaka and is ideal for diving. The car should be left at the top, right in front of the service station and descend a slope of about 300 meters.





Small beach located in the center of Mundaka and ideal for families with children as they are calm waters and not much coverage.





Very small beach located in the center of Sukarrieta and right next to the park, (currently under construction). Ideal for families with small children as you can enjoy both, the beach and the park. Easy access and with a couple of bars nearby.





Perfect beach for families with children. Right at the entrance there is a small park with swings and tables to arrange a picnic. There are also a few trees that in the hours that the sun warms up can give a very appetizing shade for a good nap.

Although on the same beach there is not much parking, a small walk of 5 minutes there is a wide field to leave the cars.

In the same beach there is a lively txiringuito and a little higher, between the houses is Abiñaburu Restaurant.

On the right side of the estuary, we find these other beaches:




Hidden beach and not very well known, although it’s ever more known, where you breathe an incredible tranquility even if you are in the middle of summer. Ideal for couples who want to enjoy intimacy and relax.

The car can be left in the parking next to Kanala Restaurant. Cross the road and start a slope, with stairs included, between trees until you reach the beach. The fantastic KANALA Hotel is close.





Near KANALA, we find the great beach of Laida, which every year, due to the tides, changes form, so it is a mystery the way we will find it after each winter. To comment that during the living tides, it can disappear and instead, at low tide, the sand becomes extensive and you can enjoy pleasant walks.

In addition, LAIDA has a great camping to spend a few days of relax

To add attraction to the beach of LAIDA, comment that it has a few bars so you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and even make a full “poteo” (go from bar to bar)


  • ARKETA Erretegia (Bar of the camping of the same name): you can taste some delicious chickens as well as tuna with pouched onion in summer time. All great. In the middle of summer there is too many people, so if it’s possible, I recommend you book.
  • Atxarre tavern: super lively bar and crowded almost all the year. Apart from breakfasts, you can taste various pintxos, salads and sandwiches. They have participated in “pintxos” competitions having won several prizes. Commented that the views from the bar are great and has a fantastic roof terrace.
  • Bizkaine: Nice bar with a quiet terrace and good views. The cuisine is a mix between native and Cadiz cuisine. You can taste as much servings of ham as fried fish, rabas, txopitos, patatas bravas, vegetables with prawns ….




And to complete the offer of LAIDA beach, comment that there are 2 centers that offer different activities of active tourism and adventure sports (such as paddle surfing, canoe descents, canoeing, surfing courses, coasteering, kayaking, Hiking, climbing ……) to be done by the river:







Great nudist cove of sand and rock with excellent views of Mundaka and the island of IZARO.





The most extensive beach of Urdaibai, located in a privileged settlement and therefore one of the busiest, if not the busiest. It’s crowed from the middle /end of June until September. Ideal for families as well as for groups of friends and couples.

It has a bar / restaurant on the beach: Toki Alai. You can have breakfast, and also you can take the appetizer / hamaiketako based on pintxos, sandwiches, servings or eat in its restaurant, which has a large glass window to appreciate the great views of the beach and its surroundings.

Besides, in summer season, two txiringitos are installed where you can have salads, servings of rabas, potatoes, sandwiches etc while you can rest of the sun and listen to good music.

Laga is an ideal beach to start surfing, so it has a school where courses and surf camps are organized for all ages.





Excellent rocky beach for lovers of diving and tranquility. Low influx of people even in summer.





Beach that is in the same municipality of EA, next to the port. It is tiny and cozy so it is perfect to go with children. The occupation is not too high.

Following the road that leaves the port you can go up to the viewpoint called “tala” from where you can enjoy magnificent views.

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