We propose you 3 spectacular accommodations in which you will be as at home. They are hotels and accommodation located in the Biosphere of Urdaibai, on the Basque coast and near Bilbao.

First of all, explain that we have not slept in any of the establishments that we are going to mention, since we live in Urdaibai but we have been in each one, we have seen them from top to bottom and we have talked a lot  with their owners.

We started in Bermeo, which by the way,  is one of our Top 10 in Urdaibai.



The Atxurra Hotel is a 10 minute drive from the center of the village, in the middle of the mountain and overlooking the coast. It will seem to you that you are in the middle of nowhere because it is surrounded by green and you will not see any building around you. It is the ideal environment to enjoy the silence.

The accommodation has 12 rooms in total and most of them have a balcony with a very nice view. But, pay attention families and friends because it also has 4 apartments. Each apartment has two double bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus the dining room, living room and kitchen. One of the things that caught my attention was that both the rooms and the apartments are very spacious, it shows that when they did the house they thought more about quality than quantity.


Another thing that I liked is that they have a “very sweet” welcome detail  and all the bathroom amenities are ecological and natural.

One of their strengths must be the breakfast, I say must be because I have not tried it but I have read almost the 570 reviews of Booking about the hotel and almost all of them mention it. As I was curious I asked Iñaki, the manager, about the breakfast. And the secret is nothing more and nothing less than the quality of the product, handmade and natural.


Iñaki told us that they always use local products and we believe that because on the way to the dining room there is shop with a lot of local products: Txakoli (white wine), tuna, beans … so that guests can take a tasty souvenir back.

And speaking about booking, take into account that Atxurra has a grade of 9.2 on BOOKING As you see, I’m not the only one who loves this accommodation.

Another plus point is that all the workers are from the surroundings so any of them can recommend you on what to see or do in Urdaibai. In Basque, Spanish or English as you want 😉 In addition, it’s super close to Bilbao so you can do urban trips to the capital of the world (Bilbo) or natural tours around Urdaibai.


And finally, a little advice. Do not leave without sitting 10 minutes on one of the benches outside. Take your time to enjoy the sights, relax, meditate or whatever you want. Stick with that slow moment and when you get back to work and you’re stressed, close your eyes and teleport to that bank. It will give you years of life!

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Our next stop is in Ea and open your eyes wide because you’re going to freak out.




It’s so much to say about Ea Astei that I do not even know where to start. Well yes, first you should decide on which of the 5 houses you want to stay, a really difficult task, you’ll see:


Etxeaundi (Big House)

etxeaundi_casa_rural_urdaibai etxeaundi_casa_rural_urdaibai

It is a traditional Basque farmhouse from the 15th century. The stone, oak and restored period furniture will make you come fully into Basque culture and traditions. It has two rooms so it is perfect for 4 people.


Sabai (Barn)


As its name indicates, it used to be the haystack where they kept the food to feed the animals. Now it is an open space house with a huge window to mime with nature. It was renovated with fir wood and is decorated with antiques that make it unique and special. It has two double beds so it is also perfect for 4 people.


Garaixe (raised granary)

sabai_apartamento_urdaibai sabai_apartamento_urdaibai

It is certainly an experience to sleep in an old hórreo since you can barely see it in the Basque Country. It has a small balcony and a terrace to enjoy the outside. It is the perfect love nest for couples.



A diaphanous house with a minimalist and contemporary design where wood is the main protagonist. An architectural delight. It has an outside terrace and its own garden, you will feel as if you are in the middle of a jungle.




When we thought that it was impossible to see anything better, we came to the house Vita: The panacea of ​​sustainability. It was the first house on the whole peninsula to generate more energy than it consumed. The perfect fusion of tradition and avant-garde that will love you.

It is the largest of all with three double bedrooms, three bathrooms. And speaking of bathrooms, has one of those “transparent” bathrooms without walls, surrounded by a crystal. Through this house have been investigators, Arab sheiks … Will you be the next?


Zona Wellnes


Let’s go abroad, this is not over yet. In this Oasis in the heart of Urdaibai everything is possible, even to bathe in the middle of winter because it has a heated outdoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna. Incredible, isn´t it!

If you come with children believe me they will never want to leave. But not only because of the pool, in Astei there is a garage with fronton (pelota court), toys, table football and billiards. Once you release your daemons you will not know if they exist because it is impossible for children to get bored here. There are even bunnies loose in the gardens, well and some other surprise but I will not tell you everything.

Mertxe is the host of this natural and architectural paradise. She is the one who takes care of the small details, the one that will advise you where to go and will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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Our last stop is in Ibarrangelu, very close.




This hotel has an exceptional location between the two largest beaches in Urdaibai. And the views are DELUX, with the Izaro Island in front.

// Gossip moment, Anne Igartiburu built a house very very close //

In Gametxo there are two moments that you must live in all its splendor. One is the moment of the breakfast, take it with tranquility because the breakfast schedule is until 11. Fruit, sausage, toast, natural juice, coffee … there is time for everything and of course, breakfast will be twice as good with those views.


Another time is the sunrise or sunset. Take your couple, go out on the terrace and ask for a tent with wine, beer or gintonic (this is up to you) and simply enjoy the moment and of course, take a photo to cause envy.

As you see, in this Hotel of  Urdaibai you can start and end the day epic but this is not all friends. In Gametxo you have a private Spa with Jacuzzi and sauna to enjoy alone with your couple with total privacy. From Gametxo you will bring a lot of romantic moments, no doubt.


In addition to being the perfect hotel for couples it is also a great accommodation for families because next to the Hotel there is another identical building with rustic character with apartments.


And for any doubt you have there Beñat, who, by the way, lives right next door in a hamlet. He is a nice guy, close and pleasant and a passionate of Urdaibai.

Here we show you some images of your Instagram and the guests that have been there.

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These three Urdaibai properties that we propose, belong to Xarma, the Association of Charming Accommodation in the Basque Country. Of course! Because they have so much charm.*Todas las fotos son propiedad de los alojamientos.

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