A wooden walkway takes you into the marshlands to offer you amazing landscapes of Urdaibai. An easy route of 8km (round trip) to do with family, stroller included.

How to get there and where to park

If you come by train (Euskotren), you can get off at the center station or at the “Instituto” stop, perhaps this one is closer.

If you come by bus (Bizkaibus) get off at the bus station stop.

Those who come by car can try to park right where you start the route (Uharte Kalea) or go to the parking next to the Police Building which is a 5 minute walk (Erreka Egala Ibilbidea).


Following the OKA River

This route is relatively new (2013) and not as well known as its parallel road (the road that runs on the other side of the estuary) from Gernika to Murueta.

The route begins in the neighborhood of Errenteri (Renteria). Once you cross the bridge, turn left at Uharte Kalea street.

At first, the road is of cement and pebble combining open sections with others more sheltered by the trees.

You will arrive at the bifurcation of this photo. It is necessary to continue all the time Kortezubi direction  (right), it is signposted so don´t worry about getting lost.




At this point, if we were to cross the bridge shown and then turn left we would return to Gernika through the old road that we mentioned before.


In this photo you can see the bridge that joins the two roads, ours is the narrowest, the one that runs on the right side and we can´t even see…


Walking on water

From this point we leave the river behind to enter into the marsh, a unique spectacle for the sight and the senses.



We will leave the footbridge to take an asphalted section but without abandoning the magnificent views that accompany us throughout the route.



At this point there is a little slope and then a few steps down, it is the only stretch that can be a little less accessible if you carry a stroller and you may have to lift it to get through this section.

We walk again along the wooden walkway.


The hermitage of San Miguel de Ereñozar at the top of the mountain and the tower of the church of Kortezubi warn us that we are almost there.

In the last stretch, just before arriving, you will encounter some stairs. Again, time for a good workout if you carry a stroller!


Delicious prize at Bernaetxe´s

The routes we walk are just an excuse to enjoy the well deserved pintxo. Let us take you to the Bernaetxe, a bar restaurant that has recently opened its doors, choose a pintxo, sit at the terrace and enjoy the moment!

pintxos restaurante bernaetxe kortezubi

On the day of our visit there were 3 different pintxos at the bar. We needed to try them all… can’t resist those little bites! We always end up taking in more calories than what we have burnt off!

The pintxos were delicious, octopus and tuna came with Alioli which I am not a fan of but this one was very mild and I loved it! It was incredibly tasty! The hamburger with Gernika´s pepers was soft and juicy too. You can’t go wrong with any of those options!

And after the piscolabis we walked our way back to Gernika. Here is the menu of the Bernaetxe so that you check out what they offer!


We need to come back and eat at his restaurant, after trying the pintxos we are sure we won’t be disappointed.

For more info you can snoop on his facebook


A walk to Urdaibai Bird Center

urdaibai bird center

Very close to Bernaetxe you will find Urdaibai Bird Center which is a very good option if you want to lengthen the day. It is only a kilometer walk so it will take you no more than 10-15 minutes.

The Center is located in the heart of Urdaibai and is a live nature museum. Ideal to go with family and observe the birds with telescopes or camouflaged in the marsh.

You have more information about Urdaibai Bird center in our Urdaibai´s Top 10 post (it’s number 7). 

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