A couple of Saturdays ago we wanted to give a little tribute and we have gone on dinner to ” 1000 azules”.

It is the little brother of the “1000 kolorau”, more informal  and it is located in a central pedestrian street of Gernika, in the Pablo Picasso street concretely, that is a lively street full of terraces.

It has no dining area, they are high tables that are in the same bar. Regarding the decoration, it has details of Andalusian patio but with a modern touch.


As we had previously been, on this occasion we opted for some different dishes although we repeat the octopus and the meat “entrecote”  that are usually exquisite. Anyway, I personally missed Artichokes with ham, which at this time of year is usually offered as a suggestion and on the previous occasion were really spectacular.


To start with the tasting of dishes and rations to share among 4, we chose a tomato and belly salad accompanied by sweet chillies and vinaigrette (€ 15)




We continue with the octopus with salad and purple potato (19 €), which is one of our essential, we always ask, yes or yes/definitely.

Then to try a couple of more dishes, without being large rations, choose the skewer of grilled squids (chipirones) with glazed onion (€ 6.5) and crep of crayfish and vegetables with American sauce (€ 8).


To end the dishes, we opted for the laminated entrecôte (fillet steak), with chips and piquillo peppers, which was like butter (€ 17.5).


With this, we finish with the first part of the dinner that was watered with Vine, Luis Cañas, more concretely (2 bottles fell, 19 € / bottle).


Then we ordered a single dessert, chocolate brownie with ice cream (6 €) as it was dinner and it was not a question of getting completely full and then not being able to sleep, that the next day had to give everything in the Mountain festival.

And as a colophon, to go down the dinner, we asked for a pair of gintonics of 209 that never disappoint. The glasses are enormous, almost have to do weights to be able to lift them.

The dinner came out for about € 154, that is, € 38.5 / each

We comment you it was Saturday night and there were almost all the tables booked. The tables are in the same bar so if it’s time to go out, it can be full of people. If you want more peace and quiet, we recommend you go at midday.

Inform you that during the week, at midday, they have a menu consisting of a plate + dessert + a beer or a glass of wine for € 8.5.

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