LÖN, the new boutique in Gernika

There is no better way to start our shopping section than with the opening of a new store in the heart of Gernika, in Barrenkale street.

A store that sells brands that we did not know before but which surprised us for their high quality and reasonable prices.

Just so you can get an idea, we have made a brief summary of how each brand defines itself.

  • FREECUENT (Denmark): Carefully selected clothing for all women. FREEQUENT aims for the best quality at affordable price, always following the latest trends, gathering inspiration from all over the world .
  • Cph MUSE (Copenhague):trousers of all types; Formal, casual, jeans that combine design, elegance and always cutting to the last of Scandinavian design.
  • Grey Copenaghen: Inspired by the energy in the streets of Copenhagen. Each collection offers a selection of fashion accessory essentials, which complete any outfit in a modern and stylish way.
  • Please (Italia):fashion for “women for every day, characterized by a dynamic style”. Variety of colors, fabrics and lots of freshness.
  • PAN, basic products (Madrid): basic wearable clothes for any occasion.

But in addition to these brands, which we loved, Leire, the owner of the boutique, showed us handbags and hand-crafted bottle bags made by a friend that were divine.


Variety of customers and affordable prices

Store customers range from 15 to 80 years old so there are clothes and accessories for all tastes and ages!

As for the prices, great news! You may have thought, just like we did, that the scandinavian brands were going to be expensive but this is not quite the case. In LÖN you can find clothes from 24 euros to 120euros which is the most expensive piece of clothing of the shop: a pair of ideal jeans that will last a lifetime!

That’s how it all started…

Leire Ozamiz, is the owner of this new clothing and accessories boutique for women. Although her hometown is Valladolid she used to spend summers in Gernika and she knew then that she would end up living in this town.


She spent years working at her father´s transportation company but that was not the job for her so after taking some time off to decide what she really wanted to do, chance and fate led her to the shopping business.

She had always loved fashion and the idea to open a shop had been going round over her head. One day, she run into a brand that she fell in love with (PAN). She told a dear friend who happened to know the sales representative for the brand. One thing led to the other and in a few months she was already working on the project.



The name consists of the acronyms of her name and surnames: Leire Ozamiz Onaindia.

The double dots (umlauts) are for the double “O” of their last names and the oak leaf to make a wink to the location of the boutique with the typical leaf of the Tree of Gernika.

The store has decorative details that make it very cozy and a wide showcase that rotates often. Both inside and outside, Leire creates different sets that help you to get an idea of how the clothes can suit and also to inspire you a little with different outfits.


To finish, some questions about the Urdaibai …


Ideal plan

A canoe trip around the Urdaibai estuary, rest on the beach and taste some good pintxos and portions to regain strength.

Eat or dine

One of her your favorite places is Baserri Maitea” in addition to the food, for its surroundings and decoration. She also likes the “Arita Berri” restaurant.

Landscape / special place

Santa Katalina in Mundaka or the small village of Ea.


You know #urdaibailovers, if you want to give a special touch to your wardrobe with new Scandinavian and Italian air or lift the mood in those gray days, come to LÖN.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday:

Morning: 10:00 a.m-13:30 a.m

Afternoon: 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Saturday: 10:30 a.m-13:30 a.m




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