Ekoetxea Urdaibai, the Basque Biodiversity Center

Better known as Torre Madariaga, this Biodiversity Center is another gem that you will find in Urdaibai and that passes quite unnoticed among the locals. Even for us!

We have to admit that it was just a few days ago when we first visited this spectacular Center. We had visited the bar at the entrance of the center and had enjoyed the views from their terrace but we never even wondered what this center was hiding inside.


It was a cloudy Tuesday in June, about 6 pm in the afternoon (in June they close at 7pm, July 8 pm) and we were lucky to be the only visitors at that time. We have to highlight the attention received from one of the members of the staff at reception, Iker, who was very kind and helpful. 


A slice of Nepal in Urdaibai

We start with the temporary exhibition found in the gallery in front of the reception area. It is a beautiful photographic exhibition about Nepal by Tato Edroso; A “tribute to all the people who contributed building what we knew of Nepal and those who can now start it.” A must see!




Much more than biodiversity

Through the broad topic of world biodiversity, Ekoetxea Urdaibai dives little by little into the the biodiversity of the Basque Country to end up in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. It is a very visual learning experience, through videos, interactive screens, panels, photographs and games for the little ones.

Animals of the world

As we went on with the tour we were amazed by what we saw in one of the rooms of the center; the stick insect and geckos from the desert. Iker was kind enough to take one of the insects out of the box so we could touch it. You cannot miss this experience so make sure to stop by Ekoetxea Urdaibai during your visit to Urdaibai.


New exhibition

The entrance to the center is FREE. They are now setting up a new section that looks very good. You can see some images here. We could not resist the temptation to snoop a little. The artwork is precious and seems to be exclusively about Urdaibai.




Luxury Views

Another impressive zone is the 16th century tower and its 360 views from the top. You can use the different telescopes to see everything around you. You can see up to Izaro Island and beyond.




Activities for the whole family

If you think this is not enough we can tell you that Ekoetxea Urdaibia also organizes activities for adults and children. We have pending to see cetaceans on the high seas. That is certainly an excursion we will not miss!! Neither should you! For more information on this…. EKOETXEA URDAIBAI!

We leave the link for you to see the programming. Renewed every 3 months:

See programme >


Obras de arte en el exterior

En las campas de alrededor de la Torre hay varias esculturas de lo más curiosas. Esta en concreto, es del artista Rober Garay, un especialista en el campo del Landart que nunca deja de experimentar. Es el creador de Beresi Basoa, un lugar especial del que hablamos en nuestro post de los 5 lugares secretos de Urdaibai. Si eres amante de este tipo de creaciones echa un vistazo a su facebook e instagram. ¡Te encantará!

In the fields around the Tower there are several curious sculptures. This one in particular, is made by the artist Rober Garay, a specialist in the Landart field that never fails to experience. He is the creator of Beresi Basoa, a special place that we talked about in our post of the 5 secret places of Urdaibai. If you are a lover of this type of creations take a look at his facebook and instagram. You’ll love it!


Madarixagane Bar Restaurant

After the visit you could not miss the beer + views. And also you can try some “pintxos”



This is a photo from another day that we went to have a drink. Look how much room around, ideal to go with children.


And so far our afternoon of animals and nature. We promise you another post from our family adventure on the search of cetaceans.

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