About us

The authors of the blog are two sisters in love with Urdaibai but luckily, we have the help of others #udaibailovers:

Spontaneous photographers who catch the cooler sunrises and  sunsets while they go for a  walk with the dog.

Friends who discover new routes or accompany us on them, with the condition that we will have a pintxo and a drink when we finished.

People who know more English than we do and correct us.

Everything we write is our opinion, without economic influences or bribes (unfortunately;) The goal of the blog is to publich this natural treasure throughout the world and help the traveler to make their experience unique, authentic and unforgettable, as URDAIBAI.

When we travel, we also like the native people to reveal their secrets to us: where to eat nice and cheap, hidden places where there are not many people, the best views and experiences the best gintonics… such important things that do not appear in the brochures and they can not tell you at the tourist office.